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Animal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm Programs

Animal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm Programs

Animal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm ProgramsAnimal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm Programs

About Us


Our Team

Our goats are specifically bred and raised for recreational, therapeutic and educational activities. Our team of specialists that oversees the  therapeutic and teaching programs has extensive training and experience  in mental health counseling, equine education,  holistic nutrition and goat husbandry. 


Our History

While working in the mental health field, founder Anishe Antoniadis recognized a need for supplemental support and a more integrated approach to healing. During her studies and volunteer work in Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT), Anishe witnessed the immediate and significant benefits people enjoyed through interactions with friendly animals. 

While obtaining her AAT certification, Anishe and her family adopted a herd of goats. Very soon the news of the goats brought friends, acquaintances and neighbors all wanting to meet them. Consistent positive feedback and her own observations reinforced Anishe’s wish to connect her amusing and affectionate goats to a broader audience.  As a result of these experiences, and bolstered by research, Anishe developed Positively Goats, a unique animal-assisted therapy program.

In the spring of 2018, after the successful breeding and pregnancy of females Anatolia and Chaia, four healthy kids were born. This brought the total herd count to eight goats spanning three generations. The goats live in harmony with a few barn cats, seven horses, two dogs and a caring, knowledgeable community of human caretakers and admirers.  


Our Mission

To offer a positive, therapeutic and holistic environment in which anyone may experience the valuable emotional, social and physical benefits of interacting with animals. 

Positively Goats

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