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Animal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm Programs

Animal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm Programs

Animal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm ProgramsAnimal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm Programs

Meet The Goats



Minoa, both the genetic and self-appointed Queen of the herd is 8 years old.  She’s a little shy at first but when she warms up to you, her sweet nature comes to the forefront.  She is always looking out for the herd and exerts strong influence over her three daughters, Maia, Anatolia and Chaia.



Three-year-old Maia is calm, friendly and loves anyone who will scratch her neck and cheeks.  She is the Auntie of the herd and a willing babysitter to the kids while their mothers are munching grass in the paddock and having a well-deserved break.  Her black and brown coloration and cute crooked nose give her a distinct look. 



Chaia is the most affectionate goat and the most stubborn goat all rolled into one animal.  Rejected early by her mother, she stopped nursing and needed human intervention to cope with the resulting health issues.  Her stubborn streak helped her to persevere.  She had an easy first pregnancy and has developed into a great mother to her son Stavros and her daughter Ophelia, despite her own early experiences.



Anatolia is the mother of Agnes and Gertrude (Gertie) and a very affectionate goat.  Her kidding was difficult for her and she needed humans to help when nursing her babies.  After she was through the difficult part, however, she grew into a competent and caring mother.  Rub her belly and Anatolia will be your friend for life.



Gertie is the smaller of Anatolia’s two daughters.  She is mostly white but inherited her mother’s brown “boots”--and they were made for walking!   Gertie is very curious, friendly and endlessly energetic.  She had a fragile start in life due to a difficult birth and difficulties  nursing, but has now more than overcome her early challenges to become a boisterous member of the herd.



Agnes, also a daughter of Anatolia , has brown "boots" like her sister and her mother's colorful markings. She is very friendly to the point of often licking people or gently nibbling their clothing.  She loves to play 'Queen of the Hill"  with her sister Gertie and her cousin Ophelia.  She is also a success story since, like Gertie, she was very weak during her first weeks of life but is now a robust and cheerful goat.



Ophelia, daughter of Chaia, is calm and mellow.  She can be quite shy at first but becomes sweet and affectionate when she warms up to a person and enjoys snuggling on people's laps. She distinguished herself early by being the most agile and the highest jumper of all four kids. 



Stavros, the son of Chaia and the only male in the herd, plays the role of a bully or a prince with equal zest.  He is still learning the ropes and will run for his mother when frightened or when challenged by other members of the herd.  The leaf bin is his favorite plaything.  He loves to turn over the bin and stand on top of it as he practices being king of the mountain.