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Animal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm Programs

Animal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm Programs

Animal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm ProgramsAnimal-Assisted Therapy and Recreational Farm Programs

Positively Goats offers 3 types of programs: Recreational, Educational  and Therapeutic

We are available by appointment to host groups and individuals at our South Natick location. We also offer customized off-site visits for individuals, schools and therapy centers. Pricing is dependent on group size and activity.

Our Programs


Recreational Programs

We welcome visitors to come meet, brush, feed or simply hang out with the herd. We also offer the opportunity to take the goats walking in the woods or bring them out to pasture.  Our curious and engaging goats ignore no one and, with ease, quickly show their innate ability to elevate and lighten visitors’ moods.  Our goats love attention as much as visitors enjoy showering them with it.

Our recreational program is ideal for families, groups of school children or individuals who just want to spend time with our goats in a farm setting.  Visits are  forty-five minutes and start at $20 with group discounts available.


Educational Program

We offer after-school and summer programs in which children learn about and assist in general goat care. Children enjoy learning about the goats. They find a sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the chores and understanding the connection between care and the benefit to the goats. We also offer more structured educational sessions covering the life cycle, socialization, breeding and care of goats. Visitors are encouraged to request topics of interest so we can customize their visit. We offer informational and practical lessons in:

  • Milking
  • Hoof trimming
  • General goat care
  • Breeding
  • Grain free diet and nutrition
  • Specific topics upon request

Our educational programs are ideal for children, teens, new goat owners and anyone who wants to learn about Nigerian Dwarf Goats in an engaging way. Lessons start at $30.


Animal-Assisted Therapy

Our animal-assisted therapy program integrates ongoing individual or group mental health counseling with meaningful interactions with our animals. The reciprocal connections with animals encourage deep mind-body connections and self-reflection that promote personal growth and facilitate talking about difficult topics that may not otherwise be as accessible. 

Desirable, lasting and positive change can result from the relationships between an individual, a therapy animal and a licensed therapist. These therapeutic and healing relationships are encouraged and can flourish in our judgement-free, inclusive and supportive environment where wellness and support are the sought after aims.


Animal-Assisted therapy has been shown to: 

  • Facilitate and promote transformative change, personal growth and compassion through self-awareness
  • Decrease social isolation while fostering mutual respect and increased social skills
  • Reduce stress and provide a respite from anxiety
  • Decrease heart rate and blood pressure
  • Reduce depressive symptoms and promote an increased sense of well-being
  • Strengthen a connection to the self through a connection with animals and nature
  • Promote a sense of accomplishment and an increase in self-confidence
  • Strengthen social skills and empathy
  • Move an individual towards self-actualization through communication, trust and kindness

Our therapeutic programs are ideal for anyone who wants to reduce stress and live with more ease, contentment and joy. The programs cater to the needs of individuals as well as therapists who may seek additional modalities to traditional treatment plans. We work with providers to tailor and structure an individualized program to meet the specific needs of each client or group. Our multi-sensory approach can also support occupational therapy through strengthening physical abilities.  Animal-assisted therapy is also effective for people with special needs through increased social skills, strengthened physical abilities and cognitive development. Cost of sessions vary according to individual needs.